I have three pets: my dog Rosie, our cat Phoebe, and our outside cat Kayla. Rosie is a sweet black and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Phoebe is a lynx/pointer-and a fluffy-coughfatcough- cat; and Kayla is half bobcat. Yes, we  have some fierce kitty cats. My brother also has a cat, Felix, a fluffy little boy with black hair and gold eyes-just picture a Halloween cat. Felix is the youngest-and smallest-at a year, Rosie is three(twee in our baby talk), Phoebe is six, and Kayla is at least 14 years-old. She an old lady-barely made it through this last winter. We affectionately call her Warrior Kitty.

My baby~

^w^ See the sweetness?

Phoebe(or Phebes/Peebee)~

xD See the fluffyness?

Mr. Felix~

...Do you see him? It's hard to take pictures of him he's so black.